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This sprite is completly free so enjoy using it :D!

This Sprite Sheet contains a 8 frame flying animation plus eat and idle animation.

You can use  this for free without needing to credit me but it would be appreciated.

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Tags16x16, 2D, bird, celeste, Flappy Bird, Pixel Art, Simple, simplistic, Singleplayer


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Pixel Art Bird 16x16.zip 6 kB


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Thank you. I used this for a DOS 13h game.




this looks like the bird from celeste

it is the bird from celeste

Thanks! I'm using this asset in King David RPG: https://ecation.itch.io/king-david-rpg

Thank you for the art magician. Much Appreciated.

No problem!

lovely little birdy

This worked AMAZING! in my game i just published called flappy forest (remade flappy bird game) over at: https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/flappy-forest im just a beginner so i'd love it if you could drop a rating and comment :)

Lmao I'm guessing it was from one of your own games, and now you just wanted to release it to the public in hurry? Because the description has a spelling error in appreciated. 

Other than that I have to say this bird is perfectly made It would suit on most backgrounds or colour theme both dark and light. Props to you for making such a wonderful bird sprite.

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Thanks. Yea I wrote that description more than 2 years ago so I don't really remember the circumstances. Thanks though for pointing it out, I will correct it.

very good picture, I use this picture my game, sory for my english:)

Thank u!

How would I make a walking animation for this boy?

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You can do that for sure! Look some simple walking cycles up on google. For this guy 4 frames would be enough. Could be a bit hard because his legs are not really detailed though.

This looks a lot like the celeste bird 🤔

It does yea. Maybe thats why people like it idk

Thanks SOOO much, It will be flying enemy in my game :D


can i use this for a game I’m selling

Sorry to reply so late. Yes like I wrote in the description you can use it however you like, but I would appreachiate if you credited me.

Sure dude, is this bird from Celeste cuz it looks familiar…

No I drew this bird myself. However I do agree it looks really similar.

This wonderful bird is the hero of my first game! :D


Thats cool! Thanks for showing me.


Celeste Game Uses This Bird!!!!

It looks to be heavily inspired, but it's definitely original sprite work

Thanks, This'll be perfect for demonstrating a flying character :D

Great :D

Is that simple but awesome. But, can i use for commercial projects?

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Yes you can. You also do not need to credit me although that would be appreciated.

Deleted post

No problem. Enjoy using them!

Nice!!! Simple yet amazing. Can i use this in the game i am developing now?

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Sorry I replied so late. Yes you can use all these assets in any game you want.